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Gliding down the slopes

Auteur Michaël Attali, Natalia Bazoge, Sandrine Jamain-Samson, Jean Saint-Martin
Mir@bel Revue Revue de Géographie Alpine
Numéro vol. 101, no 3, 2013 Lever le voile : les montagnes au masculin-féminin
Résumé anglais Following a study of the introduction of alpine skiing in the mountainous regions of the French Alps, this research hopes to understand the women's role in the sport. This analysis will demonstrate how skiing progressed initially, seen as a sport of social excellence would gradually integrate sport standards. The article highlights how this most unique activity gave women an opportunity to participate in sport when they were still only partially active due to society dictates of that time period. Skiing advocates used stereotypical symbols linked to femininity to promote the sport with the belief that as early as the 1930s, women had to develop technical skills, perform and develop a kind of excellence that young girls could identify with. At this time in history, tourism was the key and women skiers were crucial in becoming a captive audience. Alpine skiing belonged to both tradition and innovation and was an original part of the 1930s that raised the question of accessibility to sport for women in field dominated, for the most part by men.
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