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Titre Les organisations noires modérées et le débat sur la guerre du Vietnam, 1961-1973
Auteur Guy Clermont
Mir@bel Revue Revue française d'études américaines
Numéro no 87, janvier 2001 Le Politique, la politique
Page 72-86
Résumé anglais Focusing on the reactions to M. L. King's condemnation of the war in Vietnam, observers have often explained that the black community was deeply divided over Vietnam. In reality, there was very little disagreement over the issue of the war among Black Americans. The more moderate black leaders hesitated to express their views publicly because their organizations had neither the resources nor the inclination to get involved in a foreign policy issue, but, by the end of the sixties, they were able to join other black voices in a unanimous condemnation of the war.
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