Sign@l - Chine-Corée : une frontière en suspens ?

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Chine-Corée : une frontière en suspens ?

Auteur Sébastien Colin
Mir@bel Revue Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident
Numéro no 28, 2006 Desseins de frontières
III. Tensions frontalières
Page 169-198
Résumé anglais China and the Korean Peninsula : a Suspended Border ? Traced along the course of the Yalu and Tumen Rivers at the end of the XIVth century, the border between China and Korea was later to become a cause of dispute from the early XVIIIth to the XXth century. In spite of any number of negotiations, the two sides never achieved a complete definition of the border. This was not implemented until the second phase of negotiations which resulted in a border treaty signed some ten years after the end of the Korean War between China and North Korea. This treaty kept secret for several decades gave a substantial advantage to North Korea. Nevertheless, since it did not include South Korea in the negotiation process, the border between China and the Korean peninsula still remains to some extent an unresolved issue. There is indeed no doubt but that any reunification of the two Koreas advantageous to South Korea will place the issue of the border on the political agenda, at the very least with the objective of finally defining a clear-cut position. A certain number of historical disagreements over the past few years between China and South Korea also highlights a potential source of tension in the near future.
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