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Titre Networks : reminiscence and lessons
Auteur William L. Garrison
Mir@bel Revue Flux
Numéro no 1, janvier 1990
Page 5-12
Résumé anglais The discussion and lessons stress network evolution topics because: 1. Network realizations are very much historic artifacts shaped by conditions at the times of their birthing, the technological, cultural, and institutional logics that steer them as they grow and develop, and interac tions with their environments. For networks, the "tooth and claw" of the marketplace is in the background rather than up front. 2. Insights about networks flow from playing with challenging but not intractitable puzzles; they are "fun" topics. 3- Because societies are energized by flows of mass and information, insights about networks have broad applicability. 4. It seems clear that the processes controlling network evolution and the relations between networks and development bear on my special interest, understanding and improving transportation technologies.
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