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Titre The politics of territorial networks policies: the example of videocommunication networks in France
Auteur Emmanuel Négrier
Mir@bel Revue Flux
Numéro no 1, janvier 1990
Page 13-20
Résumé anglais The rise in power of electronic communications networks, audiovisual and telecommunications in France is based on a complex arrangement of actors on the local and national level. For the researcher, this rise raises the question of the relationship between networks and territories. Far from being regulated by a simple technical approach, this relationship brings to light a dialectics of territorialization. Within the context of the crisis of specialized executives in the area of public intervention (crisis of the State-nation, decentralization), this dialectic combines the heterogenous representations and practices of territories and the networks which structure them. The French "Plan-Câble" is a good illustration of this. As a result, the political and territorial dimension, far from being a negligible part of these technical projects, is in fact right at the center of network implantation. An analysis in. terms of territorial networks gives rewarding results.
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