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Les passifs nominaux

Auteur G. Gross
Mir@bel Revue Langages
Numéro no 109, mars 1993 Sur le passif, sous la direction de Gaston Gross
Page 103-125
Résumé anglais The passive was studied exclusively in relation to verb constructions. This article points out the existence of passives implying noun predicates. These passives are constructed with pairs of support verbs : donner/recevoir, /aire/recevoir, /aire/subir, exercer/subir, faire\faire l'objet de. The similarities and the differences with the verbal passive are examined in detail. This phenomenon concerns thousands of nouns, and may be observed in languages as varied as the Romance languages, English, German and Korean, etc. One is therefore fully justified in introducing the term nominal passive into grammatical nomenclature.
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