Sign@l - Débattre la mesure : l'imagination sociologique de Steve Reich

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Débattre la mesure : l'imagination sociologique de Steve Reich

Auteur Jean-François Orianne
Mir@bel Revue Revue française d'études américaines
Numéro no 156, 3ème trimestre 2018 “American Psychotrope”
Page 105-122
Résumé anglais This article aims to identify the contributions of Steve Reich's music to sociology. His music reveals three main characteristics: it is made out of empirical material collected on the field; it is a theory of processes; it is a political and cultural act. Steve Reich's music affects sociology on these three points: it reminds the sociologist of the nature of his craft and his commitment to the social world, questions his methods and practice; it even sheds light on his own concepts (in particular that of “process”). The author proposes to extract from Steve Reich's compositional work some useful elements for the profession of sociologist.
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