Sign@l - Open Government in Authoritarian Regimes

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Open Government in Authoritarian Regimes

Auteur Karl O'Connor, Saltanat Janenova and Colin Knox
Mir@bel Revue International Review of Public Policy
Numéro vol. 1, no 1, 2019
Page 65-82
Résumé anglais Open government has long been regarded as a pareto-efficient policy – after all, who could be against such compelling policy objectives as transparency, accountability, citizen engagement and integrity. This paper addresses why an authoritarian state would want to adopt a policy of open government, which may first seem counter-intuitive, and tracks its outworking by examining several facets of the policy in practice. The research uncovers evidence of insidious bureaucratic obstruction and an implementation deficit counter-posed with an outward-facing political agenda to gain international respectability. The result is ‘half-open' government in which the more benign elements have been adopted but the vested interests of government and business elites remain largely unaffected.
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