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Titre Administration publique des pays en développement et environnement socio-culturel
Auteur Gérard Timsit
Mir@bel Revue Revue française d'administration publique
Numéro no 7, 1978/3 L'administration du développement.
Rubrique / Thématique
Page 16 pages
Résumé anglais Public administration of developing countries and socio-cultural environment. The administrations of developing countries have evolved out of an administrative kernel they had inherited from the colonial times. The transformations which are meant to adjust this inheritance to the new missions of the State bring about a differentiation and over-burdening of structures. The major characteristics are an over concentration of powers and the development of actual administrative fiefs deriving from the coincidence of ethnic variations with disarticulated structures. On the other hand, administration is reduced to a mediatory role, while its dominating function is challenged and rejected by the population. Such a weakened administration can hardly get out of this predicament but by a stronger image of the State. It is only through the restructuring of the State as a whole that the three crisis with which it is confronted can be overcome : those of identity, legitimacy, and distribution.
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