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Titre El Parque temático ‘Hacienda Nápoles'. Turismo y herencia difícil
Auteur Kristine Vanden Berghe
Mir@bel Revue Amerika
Numéro no 24, 2022 Beauté de l'Amérique, de ses identités et de ses territoires
Rubrique / Thématique
Résumé anglais The former finca of Pablo Escobar, ‘Hacienda Napoles' (Puerto Triunfo, Colombia) became in 2007 the tourist destination ‘Hacienda Napoles Theme Park' thanks to its water attractions and exotic animals. The park also houses a small museum around the figure of Escobar. We study the park as it is presented in 2019, departing from the concept of ‘difficult heritage' to explain the tension between the desire to erase the past and to use it for tourism. We then analyze the museological narrative from the viewpoint of the objectives it seems to assume by presenting itself as a Memorial Museum and we point to the difficulties caused by its dichotomous nature, its exclusive attention to subjective violence and the image it represents of the Colombian State.
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