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Titre Fifty shades of green. Ecological transition negotiations: a typology
Auteur Camille Dupuy, Vincent Pasquier
Mir@bel Revue Négociations
Numéro no 40, 2024/1 Négocier les transitions écologiques
Rubrique / Thématique
Dossier : Négocier les transitions écologiques
Page 27-42
Résumé anglais This article presents a typology for negotiations related to ecological transitions within organisations. Drawing on contributions from this special issue and supplemented by a literature review, it outlines five negotiation configurations: ‘brown corporatism', ‘green corporatism‘, ‘marginalist negotiation‘, ‘social conservatism‘, and ‘eco-class struggle‘. These are characterised by the strategies of the actors and the methods of negotiation (the how), and by the negotiation's functions (the why), subjects (the what), arenas (the where), and actors (the who). The article also identifies four contextual factors that influence the nature of environmental negotiations: public action, the balance of power between unions and employers, actors' perceptions of their role concerning environmental issues, and the level at which bargaining occurs.
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